Mostapha Jamil Derbah - Lebanese Business Man
Mohamed Jamil Derbah - Alleged Mafia Don
Ali Jamil Derbah - Local Lebanese Politician
Chamel Fadel Chamseddine - Derbah's trusted nominee
Jeremy Sinclair - Derbah's 'Sovereign Gold Trust' nominee
John Palmer
John 'Goldfinger' Palmer - Deep in debt to Russian gangsters
Veronique Daures - Derbah's trusted PA charged on the indictment
Kenny Noye - Derbah said Noye 'was just a man for business'
Mohamed Jamil Derbah
Mohamed Jamil Derbah - Alleged Mafia Don in his fake Masonic regalia
Jeremy Sinclair
Jeremy Sinclair - Taught Derbah secret Masonic signs