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The Incredible, ‘Never Before Published Audio’.  We know exactly where the murderer Kenny Noye escaped to, and exactly who hid him!
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Kenny Noye - The Lost Tapes!

KENNY NOYE & The Stephen Cameron Murder

(The lost tapes)


For the first time – after 22 years – the true account of how John Palmer and Mohamed Derbah hid fugitive Kenny Noye from Justice.

On 19 May 1996, Kenny Noye stabbed Stephen Cameron to death with a 9-inch knife on a slip road off the M25 motorway near Swanley in Kent. He immediately fled the country. Cameron’s girlfriend Danielle Cable who witnessed the killing, later gave evidence against Noye who was convicted of murder on 14 April 2000 and sentenced to life imprisonment. Noye became a fugitive from justice with the help of John Palmer and Mohamed Derbah.

While Danielle and Stephen’s family grieved and were in shock, Noye, on the run from May 1996 to 28 August 1998, was enjoying the high life entertained in Tenerife by Palmer and Derbah. Treated to holidays with his girlfriend, he attended boxing shows, ate in luxury restaurants, dined on Palmers Super yacht ‘The Brave Goose of Essex’ and frequented nightclubs, all under the noses of the Spanish police. Palmer even smuggled Noye back to the UK for visits on his private jet, and back again to Tenerife. Theirs was a marriage made in crime.

Question to Derbah:

 “This is while Noye is on the run”?



“I was involved, because John Palmer told me to be involved. If I knew what he (Noye) did before, I’m too happy to help”

Question to Derbah:

 “You hid him is that correct”?


“Well, I take him away. I take him away from everybody – Only God know where he is”


Mark Summers KC before The Royal Courts of Justice

20th May 2021

Back in the UK, Mr Blanchard wished to prove his cooperating status / innocence before the UK court. Judge Garzon’s dishonest denials impeded that. 

In a bizarre twist, the materials (including telephone recordings) that Mr Blanchard provided to his lawyers and which demonstrated the truth; were misplaced / appear to have been misplaced by counsel then representing him. 

He was defenceless, disbelieved and went to prison in the UK as a result.
Since his release in 2010, those papers have since been found (in counsel’s chambers) and substantiate all that Mr Blanchard says about his undercover work for and on behalf of the Spanish state.


The offence is committed if you harbour a person by giving that person any assistance with the intent to prevent, hinder or interfere with them being taken into custody. The offence is punishable by a term of imprisonment.