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The Only Firsthand Account of 'Once Upon a Time in Londongrad' - The True Story

The Only Firsthand Account of 'Once Upon a Time in Londongrad' - The True Story

Paul Blanchard’s expose of Russian State-Sponsored assassinations on British soil is just the tip of the iceberg.

Successive UK governments have welcomed wealthy Russian Oligarch’s to London, turning a blind eye to their proceeds of crime used to purchase luxury multi-million pound properties and fund their lavish lifestyles.

Many had fallen foul of Vladimir Putin, and joined his ‘hit list’ of opponents and former spies viewed as traitors and enemies of the state by the Russian regime.

And so began a series of mysterious deaths in Britain, all swept under the carpet by Coroners who recorded most as ‘open verdicts’, despite police forces describing the deaths as suspicious.

Scotland Yard’s elite crime fighters, acknowledge these unsolved murders are ‘too dangerous’ to investigate, leaving the deaths of Boris Berezovsky, John Palmer, Scot Young, Badri Patarkatsishvili and many more – all unexplained!

Scot Young’s death was first viewed as suicide after he fell from a fourth-floor window and was found impaled on spiked railings outside the apartment he shared with his girlfriend in Marylebone, North London, on 8 December 2014.

The truth is he was defenestrated by vicious assailants. In his case, the coroner recorded a ‘narrative verdict’ saying “there was inconclusive evidence to determine his state of mind and intention when he came out of the window”. His death, the coroner said, ‘can’t be called suicide’.

Paul Blanchard’s first-hand account, identifies the Bulgarian ‘hit men’ responsible for many of these assassinations carried out on orders from Russian mafia mobsters working in tandem with Russian state officials.