Extradition hearing

Judges ordered Paul’s extradition

Judges quashed Spain extradition request


Paul’s Extradition Trial 

At a three day hearing at Westminster Magistrates Court in December 2019, Spain’s evidence and request for Paul’s extradition was based on lies, lies, and lies. Six months later, Judge lkram presiding, ordered Paul’s extradition. Paul’s legal team appealed. 

The Lies the judge heard was in response to a Mutual Legal Assistance (MLA) application from the UK Courts. 

In the first response from Spain dated 20 June 2008 (received on 3 August 2015) at page two it states: 

(3) “Regarding the supposed telephone calls made to the Spanish Intelligence authorities, to confirm that there is no record in this information General Police Headquarters of these facts” 

(4) “There is no record that this Information General Police Headquarters has made any telephone calls to Mr Blanchard” 

In a second response from Spain dated 3 August 2015 (received on 2 November 2016) at page two it states: 

(3) “In connection with the alleged telephone calls made to the Spanish Intelligence authorities, we can affirm that this General Intelligence Unit has no official record of these events.” 

(4) “This General Intelligence Unit has no official record that telephone calls were made to Mr Blanchard” 

And the evidence before the judge 

Paul’s itemised phone records and transcripts detailing more than 70 calls he made to Spanish Intelligence agents of which 40 calls were recorded by him with many played in open court. 

And to compound their dishonesty, Spain also denied their agents had any relationship with Paul. However, on 17 May 2004, Paul covertly recorded a meeting with Spanish agents’ Munoz and Esteban at the Nova Hotel in Madrid.  He asked them to confirm his role to the British police and MI5. Agent Munoz said:  

nah nah nah nah impossible, the relationship…..It’s not – not working,” [they – Spanish Intelligence would deny any involvement with Paul] “At the end, we will…no, but not in the immediate future. We are working with you, but they [the UK authorities] know nothing. They can know that you are a witness in Mohamed [Derbah]’ but, if the [English] police suspect our relationship…we’ll take a break then.”  


  • They’ll confirm Paul’s relationship at some future date “at the end we will” 
  • That Paul was working with Spanish Intelligence “We are working with you” 
  • There was a relationship “if the English police suspect our relationship” 

In one recorded phone conversation agent Munoz instructs Paul not to speak with other people about his covert role saying: “Don’t speak with other people about our issues, about Mohammed or Terrorism.” 

In another recorded conversation, agent Esteban goes further telling Paul “We must set another more safety, more safe way of communication. We will do it. We must be very cautious now 


The judges ruled that the order for Paul’s extradition be quashed.